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The Last Goodbye

The Last Goodbye

In The Last Goodbye, experience the powerful personal testimony of Holocaust survivor Pinchas Gutter as he takes audiences with him on his final visit to Majdanek, the Nazi German concentration and extermination camp where his parents and sister were murdered during World War II. The photo-real experience presents an entirely new way of capturing truth for the future, encouraging viewers to explore the spaces depicted. USC Shoah Foundation will archive Gutter's testimony in support of their mission to use testimony as a compelling voice for education and action.

The Last Goodbye premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival 2017 and was featured at the 74th Venice Film Festival. It can now be seen in public installations at the Florida Holocaust Museum, Illinois Holocaust Museum, Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust, and New York’s Museum of Jewish Heritage.

VR Prize, 2018 AICP NEXT Awards
Best VR Documentary, 2018 Lumiere Awards
Best Branded 360 Video, 2018 Webby Awards
Best Narrative Experience in Online Film and Video, 2018 Webby Awards

Directed by Gabo Arora and Ari Palitz
Produced by The USC Shoah Foundation, Here Be Dragons, MPC, OTOY, and Q Department
Role: Associate Producer, Creative Technologist

“I’ve gone through countless VR experiences, but this is by far the most meaningful.”