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Ghost in the Machine



Ghost in the Machine was a set of short performance pieces on the theme of human-computer interaction. The pieces were developed as part of the ReDesigning Theater program in Stanford's Institute of Design (, combining live performance and Xbox Kinect hardware to react in real time to actors and audience members.

Later, the pieces were brought to San Jose Repertory Theatre for  San Jose Rep's Emerging Artists Lab. 

"Show Intel"
A performance piece about data mining in which TED-like presenters submit audience members to scanning by a new search engine, which then malfunctions and displays a wealth of sensitive information in a cloud around the participants.
Originally directed by Weston Gaylord & Alon Devorah, adapted by Weston Gaylord for SJREAL

"Djinn Machine"
A performance piece about artificial intelligence in which audience members engage with an interactive visual display which is controlled and voiced by a hidden actor. 
Originally directed by Nicole Bennett-Fite, adapted by Weston Gaylord for SJREAL